Hawaiian Floral Aloha Shirt - Sizes S, M


Monstera Aloha Shirt - Size M, L


Black & White Micro-Plaid Shirt - Size S, M, L


Men's Wool Scarf - Blue


Tapa and Floral Aloha Shirt - Sizes S, M


Tan / Gray Cotton Batik Aloha Shirt - Size M/XL


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Man Overboard Clothing - men's shirts, aloha shirts, & other original apparel

Man Overboard Clothing offers an all new line of handmade men's clothing. Man Overboard is a division of Clarify Wearable Textile Art LLC, maker of fine handmade women's clothing and accessories. You can visit Clarify Wearable Textile Art at http://www.zibbet.com/Clarify